Is my health condition supported?

We understand everybody's employment journey is unique.

Castle provides individualised Disability Employment Services (DES) support for job seekers with a range of health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • disabilities
    - vision loss
    - hearing loss
    - cerebral palsy
    - Autism Spectrum Disorder
    - intellectual disability
  • mental health conditions
    - anxiety
    - depression
    - psychological conditions
    - bipolar
    - ADHD
  • chronic illnesses and diseases
    - diabetes
    - cystic fibrosis
    - cancer
  • injuries
    - brain injury
    - back and limb injuries
    - arthritis
  • many more

Castle can connect with specialist partners to address the specific personal circumstances of each job seeker, including GPs, mental health services, Occupational Therapists, physiotherapists and medical specialists.

If you have a health condition that is impacting your ability to find and/or maintain employment, you're most likely eligible for our services.

For more information see the Guide to the List of Recognised Disabilities | Department of Social Services, Australian Government (

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