Suffering from a chronic illness can be highly debilitating for any individual, limiting their ability to get done as much as a healthy person could due to the high levels of discomfort, pain and immune problems a person with an illness experience.

We can be healthy and then receive an unexpected diagnosis that changes our life as we know it. It is the reality of being human, it can happen to any of us.

If you have a chronic illness and you wish to find a job or need support to stay or return to work, we can help.
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Some of the challenges a person with chronic illness experiences at work are:

  1. Psychological and emotional distress. An overwhelming sense of grief for the person they used to be, periods of readjustment and learning to live with an illness.
  2. Worry and stigma. They worry people will consider them lazy and incompetent. They can feel a great amount of guilt for asking for special treatment.
  3. Management of energy levels. One of the most common symptoms of chronic illnesses is low energy levels and fatigue making it very difficult to keep consistent levels of productivity throughout the week.

Benefits of work with a chronic illness:

  • Work can be that activity that allows us to feel useful and motivated
  • Provides a daily routine
  • Gives a sense of identity outside the illness
  • Allow us to connect with others
  • A source of income

The good news is that there are organisations and people in leadership positions who have an understanding of the value you can bring to the table, focusing on your strengths rather than your limitations.

Castle is extremely experienced in finding people with various medical conditions/illnesses a job– it’s our thing.


To be eligible for any of our services, you do need to identify as having a barrier to employment.

We get to know you and what your barriers look like, equip you with the tools you need to enable you to be at your best working performance stage and find the position that is right for YOU.

If you have a job and begin to feel some fatigue and begin to suffer from an illness when you already are in a workplace, Castle Employment Support Managers can offer on-the-job support and also support to you so you are able to speak to the employer about it.

If you are an organisation wanting to support a team member or a candidate with an illness, please visit this page.

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