One in five Australians live with a disability, including people with chronic illnesses and mental health conditions. It is likely that to fill job vacancies with quality candidates, you will employ a person with a disability or, currently have a person with a disability in the team.

Having people with a disability as part of your organisation brings diversity to the team and boost morale. They also have a low turnover rate lowering your recruitment and retraining costs and there is support through government assistance for you to recruit, train and provide the right environment for the right person.

To get quality candidates, it is likely you will employ a person with a disability or mental health condition.
The team from Jax Tyres
The team from Jax Tyres

Castle can help you to find staff:

We start by understanding your business needs

Presenting you the right candidates

Induction and training for your new employee

Professional advice every step of the way

Give you access to wage subsidies and other incentives

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