Everyone’s pathway to finding work is different and we’re ready to explore yours! Finding ways to support you on your journey is what we do best. Whether you need help getting job ready, training, education, searching for jobs, writing a resume, preparing for interviews, or accessing transport, we’ve got you covered.

Tyler shares his story of gaining skills and confidence he never thought possible.

Choose your supports to get job ready

Getting to know you is our first priority. Understanding your goals and exploring your interests and talents helps us identify how we can best support you. Together we then build a plan that is designed just for you.

Your plan might include any combination of the following supports:

Travel Training

Travel Training is a great way to gain some control and independence. While travel training will look different for everyone, the goal remains the same – to ensure you can confidently use transport to access your community, training and employment opportunities.

Making a Job Plan

Having a job plan gives you a pathway towards an achievable employment goal. Discover your skills, qualifications and experience, explore your interests and strengths and match these to local employment or training opportunities. It’s also important to understand any barriers that might be holding you back.

Resume and Cover Letter

A well written resume and cover letter will help you make a great first impression with an employer. Knowing what to include in your resume, how it should be structured and how to tailor a cover letter will mean you’re more likely to be called in for a job interview.

The Art of Communication

Communication is about so much more than words. When you communicate you need to use your eyes, ears, voice, arms, legs … actually your whole body. Knowing how to communicate is important if you want to make a good impression.

Using Email When Job Searching

To apply for jobs or training courses online and to communicate with potential employers you will need a professional email address. If you don’t have an appropriate email address, we will help you create one and build your confidence in accessing, writing and replying to emails.

My Job Search Engines

There are so many job search engines online and knowing which ones to use can be confusing. Finding, registering and using the job search engines that are right for you will help you identify and apply for meaningful job opportunities.

My Presentation

An employer will form an impression of you before you’ve even said hello. So, whether you’re dropping in a resume, commencing work experience or preparing for an interview, you need to consider how you look, what you wear and your personal hygiene.

Applying for Jobs

Your resume is prepared, your email account is ready to go, you know how to communicate to make a great first impression and you have your eye on an achievable employment goal. It’s time to find and apply for a job!

One of our Support Coordinator
One of our Support Coordinator

Our Castle DES (Disability Employment Services) team can also provide you with further support to find and keep a job.

Finding ways to support you on your journey is what we do best.

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