As the region's most successful disability employment services (DES) provider, Castle has an established network of locally recognised medium and large businesses ready to give young people opportunities to show off their skills.

Prepare, Trial, Hire (PaTH) is a Government-funded training and internship program aimed at giving young people the skills and experience to be more competitive in the labour market.

Group of employees on the job
Group of employees on the job

If you're an eligible young job seeker, you can access free training to prepare you for employment expectations and equip you with the skills to succeed.

Gain real experience through a voluntary work trial for up to 12 weeks, showing employers what you can do and building valuable skills.

Incentives and subsidies available to businesses will then give you a real chance of being hired at the end.

We help you to get ready to show off your skills.
Watch Mikayla's success story with PaTH Internship.

Get your foot in the door with real work experience

Am I eligible?

If you're aged 15 - 24 and on some kind of income support, chances are you're eligible to take part in PaTH, a program aimed at giving you the skills and experience to boost your job prospects.

How does it work?

The three stages of PaTH, Prepare, Trial, and Hire are flexible, allowing you to access what best suits your needs.

Prepare - Employable Skills Training

We can help you better understand what employers expect in the workplace and equip you with the skills and behaviours to be successful in a job. Training includes pre-employment skills such as job applications and interviewing, career development and job hunting. Core skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving, as well as industy specific courses such as retail, automotive or hospitality. ​

Trial - PaTH internships

An opportunity for you to show your skills to an employer, with a real chance of being hired at the end. It's a voluntary placement of up to 12 weeks, planned by you, Castle and the business, to match your skills, circumstances and employment goals. Castle has an existing network of local businesses across a variety of industries, ready to give you a go. You'll be covered by insurance and will also recieve a $200 incentive payment on top of your regular fortnightly income support.


To be eligible to host an internship businesses must have a reasonable prospect of employment following a trial. That means that if you're a good fit, you're a good chance of securing a job. Either way, you'll learn valuable skills and gain invaluable work experience to boost your future job prospects. Businesses may also be eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 and other incentives to hire you.

If you are an organisation seeking to get interns via the PaTH internship program, please visit our support for businesses page.

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