Just finished school? Castle can support young people transition into the workforce. Our networks of supportive employers are ready to take on apprentices, interns, work experience and job trials, with Castle supporting at every step.

Young man shares his story and experience with Castle.
Build your skills, explore your options and get job ready.

Support to achieve your employment goals

Support to navigate your work experience and employment options

Transport & travel training to improve your access to our community

Participate in a work crew to build your skills & experience

Assistance to create a resume that highlights your skills to an employer

Understand your strengths and abilities so you can feel confident

Support from our team to find & keep a job

Schools leavers supported by castle worker
Schools leavers supported by castle worker

NDIS Supported Service

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) services are funded in your NDIS plan under the following categories;

  • CAPACITY BUILDING - Finding & keeping a Job

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