Wage Subsidies & Incentives

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Businesses may be able to access incentives and wage subsidies of up to $10,000 when they hire eligible job seekers through Castle's Disability Employment program


Funded by the Australian Government's Job Access initiative, a number of available incentives are designed to drive disability employment by supporting employers through recruitment, training and initial stages of employment.

When you hire job seekers through Castle, we will guide you through the process of accessing subsidies and incentives, always ensuring the right fit for your business.

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What subsidies are available?

Depending on the individual circumstances of the job seeker and the employer’s needs, different subsidy program's and incentives are available:

Wage Subsidy Scheme

Wage Subsidy Scheme is a financial incentive of up to $1,650 available to businesses to give jobseekers an opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for ongoing employment.
The job must be for at least eight hours per week, over 13 weeks.

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Wage Start

Wage Start is a financial incentive of up to $6,000 designed to encourage employers to hire jobseekers who are long-term unemployed and are under the age of 50.
The job must be for a minimum 15 hours or more per week over 26 weeks.

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Restart Wage Subsidy

A Restart wage subsidy is a financial incentive of up to $10,000 that is available to businesses that employ jobseekers who are 50 years of age or older.
The job must be ongoing, for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

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Supported Wage System

The SWS is set up for employees with disability who are not able to perform jobs at the same capacity as any other employee. Under SWS, special workplace arrangements are created so that employers can pay wages to a person with disability based on how productive they are in their job.

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Is my business eligible?

Eligibility varies for each scheme, so talk to one of our team about your individual circumstances and how subsidies fit into your recruitment.

Your business is generally eligible for a subsidy scheme if it:

  • has an Australian Business Number

  • has not previously received a wage subsidy for the same job

  • has not recently retrenched or reduced the number of workers, or be proposing to do so

  • is not of a type of character that would bring the wage subsidy or the

  • Commonwealth Government into disrepute

  •  is not receiving another government wage subsidy for the same worker or position

  • The job cannot displace an existing employee, be a commission based, subcontracting or self-employment position, or work for an immediate family member.


The job seeker must also be registered with a Disability Employment Service.

Talk to us today about your business' eligibility, and let us simplify the application process for subsidies and incentives, so you can focus on getting your next great employee.