The Inclusive 100

Pledge to put disability on the agenda.

Today is the day we challenge you to be a part of true change, right here in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast region.


I am asking you to join us in our mission to build a more inclusive community – a world where every person is able to contribute to society.

We invite you to join some of the region’s most iconic businesses and become part of The Inclusive 100, a community initiative to increase employment and the social inclusion of people living with disability.

If 100 businesses in our region commit to offering just one person with disability a chance of employment, we can make a huge difference.

Join our 100+ local inclusive partners

Why does inclusion matter?

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1 in 5 Australians identify as having a physical or mental disability however these individuals are 30% less likely to secure a job. 

Our community is turning away a huge number of perfectly capable and hugely talented people, just because they have a disability. 

The first step to overcoming the barriers faced by people with a disability is to raise awareness for inequality and promote inclusion in our community. Together, we can ensure every member of our community has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

To find out the benefits your workplace will gain by employing someone with a disability, check out our business case.

Join a Global Movement

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Recently Richard Branson helped launch of a global movement The Valuable 500. The campaign seeks 500 multinational, private sector corporations to advocate for change and shine the light on the social and economic value of people living with disability across the world.

This got us thinking about what we could do locally.

We aren’t a multinational company, we're just a local, not-for-profit who are passionate about helping our community's disadvantaged.

Our goal is to encourage local businesses to hire more people with disability.

Help us start a local movement and  pledge to the Inclusive 100 today!

How can you advocate for inclusion?

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We need YOUR help to spread the word about the disadvantages people with a disability face when seeking a job.

You can become and advocate by making a pledge to hire more people with disability and take action to ensure your workplace offers equal opportunity to all. How can I do this?

  1. Reflect on your current workplace.. are you inclusive?

  2. Set goals to promote inclusion in your business

  3. Share the message

  4. Take action!

Together, we can break down barriers and build a better future. 

What can I do?

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Become a disability ambassador and join our local movement by pledging to the Inclusive 100

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Make sure your website is disability accessible with this checklist

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Ensure you're facilitating a mentally healthy workplace. You can see how you measure up with this free employer guide.

Check if your premises are disability accessible through the Australian Human Rights Commission's guide.

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Complete free professional Disability Awareness eLearning training course.

Learn how to use inclusive language with your employees and customers.