We help women gain confidence and financial stability in their daily life through mentoring, training, education and long-term employment opportunities.

TRIBE is a support network that aims to help women who have escaped domestic and family violence regain their independence.

We work closely with community partners such as Got Your Back Sista, Carrie's Place and NOVA for women and children to connect women to an intimate network of support services. From emergency housing to creating a career path, our tribe is here for you every step of the way.

A group of women collaborating together.
A group of women collaborating together.

How Castle can support you:

  • Resume development and interview preparation
  • Soft skills, motivation and confidence building workshops
  • Connecting you to allied services
  • Building a meaningful career path
  • All Case Managers have domestic violence sensitivity training
  • Option to receive female-only consultation
  • Exploring education options
  • Gaining employment in safe, supportive workplaces
  • On the job mentoring

Other important resources for you:

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