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What is the NDIS and how does it work?

If you're new to this and just want to know what the NDIS is all about, check out this video and give us a call. We're here for you every step of the way and want to see you reach your full potential. What can you achieve with Castle?

What NDIS supports can Castle deliver?

Castle will listen to you and work with you to make sure you get the most out of your NDIS journey.

  • We offer teams that provide you with hands on experience learning real-life skills. This gives you the opportunity to gain confidence in making friends, communicating with co-workers and confidence to live your life.
  • Castle provides support and training that helps you to learn how to live independently, do jobs around the home, read timetables and catch public transport, plan, prepare and cook meals and make smart decisions when shopping.
  • We can prepare you for work through training, then help you find and keep a job. We offer ongoing support in your new role to make sure you're needs are respected.
  • Castle will support you to do more of what you want to do. Maybe its music, creative arts or going to the gym. We offer a variety of group activities, both indoors and outdoors and a monthly activity calendar with special events that will let you enjoy your hobbies and interests with others.

How can I get the most out of my NDIS plan?

At Castle will give you the support and confidence you need to communicate with us. We take the time to listen to your needs and are flexible when your goals change. This is your journey and we will make sure you have access to the funding and resources you need to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

How do I choose an NDIS service provider?

Your NDIS provider is YOUR CHOICE. They are there to support you in your journey and make sure you have access to the resources you need to achieve your goals. Every provider is different so its important to consider what YOU want to achieve before choosing your support team. If you are a NDIS participant you can use the Provider Finder in the myplace portal where you are able to search and filter the provider lists.


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Who is eligible for Disability Employment Services?

Jobseekers are generally eligible for DES if they: Have a disability, injury or health condition Are aged at least 14 but have not yet attained the Age Pension qualifying age Are at or above the minimum legal working age in their state or territory Are an Australian resident or eligible Visa holder Are not studying full time Have a valid Employment Services Assessment (ESAt) or Job Capacity Assessment (JCA) recommending DES with a Future Work Capacity of eight or more hours per week; Are not working at or above their assessed work capacity For more information head to jobaccess

Can I transfer to Castle from another DES provider?

Yes! DES allows you to change providers up to five times, no questions asked. After the fifth change you can still switch providers but that request will be subject to an assessment. If you're unhappy with the services you are receiving, you can change your provider by calling the National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

What does Castle do differently to other DES providers?

We focus on long-term support for both you and your employer to ensure you are successful in your job. We will PREPARE you for work by listening to you and learning your employment goals. We work with you to make sure your journey is right for you. We will then CONNECT you with the right type of work, with right hours, with the right employer. After starting your new job, we are there to provide you with ONGOING SUPPORT whilst you are at work. We not only want you to get the job, we want to make sure you enjoy your new role in the workplace

How does Disability Employment Services work?

Disability Employment Services (DES) will allow you to choose a provider who will help you find work and support you in your new role. It is a government funded scheme designed to ensure every Australian has the opportunity to work. If you’re looking for work, a DES provider can help you; Get ready to work, train you in specific job skills, write your resumé, train in interview skills, look for jobs that suit you. If you have a job, a DES provider can help you with; On-the-job training, speaking to your boss and co-workers, ongoing support in your job, modifying your workplace, Auslan at work.

What is a Centrelink ESAt?

The Employment Services Assesment is designed to evaluate your eligibility for DES and the funding and resources you need to find work. This assessment helps Centrelink understand: Your barriers to work, your capacity to work and the best employment services program for you. The ESAt is performed by a qualified health or allied health professionals to ensure you get the best outcome. For more information see the ESAt Centrelink website

How can I access Disability Employment support?

How do I choose which DES provider to work with?

The DES program gives you flexibility and choice in the services that you receive incuding your preferred provider. At your initial Centrelink appointment, you will have an opportunity to review providers in their area, and can choose the provider that best meets your needs. We also encourage you to compare local providers on JobSearch to make sure you pick the best fit for you. You can choose almost any provider, even if the provider is not in your immediate area (as long as you can make the initial appointment face-to-face). We recommend choosing a provider close to you so you can have access to personal support.

Job Seeker FAQs

What if our building isn’t suitable to hire someone with a disability?

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes so we will ensure we recruit an employee who is the right fit for your business.

Castle can also help you access government funding to make workplace modifications if any are identified as being necessary. We do this through the Employment Assistance Fund which will ensure you are armed with the tools to support somone with a disabiliy on the job.

How much time and money will it cost me?

You don't need to worry about a pile of paperwork and bills, Castle will help you every step of the way with our completely FREE service. We create a shortlist of candidates for your business, saving you time and money in the recruitment process.

In fact, in some instances you may be eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 depending on the person you hire.

What sort of person will I get / will I get a choice of person?

Castle will take the time to understand your needs and to match candidates to these. We seek to find the right person who is the right fit for your business and present you with a shortlist.

How will my customers react?

Research shows hiring people with disability is good for business – with 20% of the population having a disability it is likely that 20% of your customers may have a disability too.

Businesses that employ people with disabilities attract customers with disabilities, you are actually opening yourself up to new customers! You will also make your business attractive to other jobseekers by providing a diverse, incusive workplace.

How much on-boarding and training will they need?

It varies from person to person and job to job, but broadly speaking about the same as anyone else. Of course though if more is required, this is where Castle can help. We support your new employee for as long as it takes to help them settle into their new role.

What subsidies are available?

Businesses may be eligible to access government incentives and wage subsidies up to $10,000 for each Castle job seeker they hire. You can also access the Employment Assistance Fund for free workplace modifications to assist your staff. These modifications will not only benefit your new employee, they may enable beneficial facilities that will attract new customers too. This all depends on who you hire and their requirements in the workplace.

What is Work Assist?

Work Assist is a goverment funded initiative designed to help you support and keep your existing employees when they are faced with physical or mental health illness and injury. You can learn more about how Castle can help you access Work Assist here.

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