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What is DES?

The Disability Employment Service (DES) is a program funded by the Australian Federal Government to support people living with a disability to enter the workforce for the first time or re-enter the workforce after an injury, illness or disability.



Castle has been offering employment support in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast Regions for almost 30 years and is highly experienced at connecting local people to local jobs. We understand people want jobs near them, so this is what we focus on.


Castle offers industry-leading ongoing support once you get a job with dedicated roles maintaining regular communication between you and your employer.

How do I get started?

You are eligible for DES support if you have an injury, illness or disability impacting your ability to find or keep your job. The definitions are broad, and everybody has different circumstances so you should talk to Castle about whether the program is right for you.


You can visit one of our offices and register directly, or visit a Centrelink Office near you and tell them you want to ‘Choose Castle’ to help you get a job!

We support you at every step, for as long as you need

1. Understanding YOU

We aim to understand you and your journey towards finding work.

We will have regular plan support appointments and clear expectations of what we will achieve for you. Together we develop your job plan and the other forms of support to assist you find work.

2. YOUR Development

Everyone’s journey to finding work is different. We listen to you, so we can focus on the areas that you need support with.

We work with you to address any challenges you face on your pathway to work. At Castle, we build a unique development plan to find work for you.

3. Training for YOU

We listen to you so we can understand your goals and help you develop the skills you need for a career. Not sure where to start? We will help you explore your interests and talents so we can place you in a job that's challenging and rewarding.

4. Finding YOUR job

We don’t just search the published vacancies, our team make direct contact with the right employers for you. Our aim is to promote your abilities to employers who are the right fit for you. 

5. Getting YOUR job

We want you to make the best possible impression with employers.

This includes assisting with your application and interview training to ensure you are work-ready, to impress potential employers and are confident in the application process.

6. Keeping YOUR job

After you start your job, we are there with you for support and advice. Our dedicated at work support team will make plans with you to help you adjust and gain confidence in your new role. This personalised support is designed with you and is focused on the assistance you require.

Resources for Job Seekers

Additional services and support Castle can facilitate to keep you in a job, and achieve your full potential.

Work Assist is a FREE SERVICE available to any employers with staff at risk of losing their job due to the impact of an injury, disability or health condition.

Would you like support to become work-ready & find a job after you leave school?

SLES plan, through the NDIS, is designed to meet your individual employment goals.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

is a government scheme designed to help people with a disability find and keep a job. Help includes career advice, training work assistance and more

Through the Employee Assistance Fund, Castle can facilitate adjustments and modifications to your work environment so you perform at your full potential.

Thinking of changing jobs? Not sure what you can achieve with your current experience. Skills Match will show you jobs or careers that use your skills.

JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers

Safe Work Australia is the national hub for workplace health and safety legislation and support. You can explore WHS by industry, topic and get information on worker's compensation.

A PaTH Internship is a workplace trial to help 17-24-year-olds get  experience that could lead to a job. It's a chance for you to show  employers what you can do and how you fit into their business.

Calm Harm is an award-winning app developed for stem4 by Dr Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist using ideas from an evidence-based therapy called DBT. The focus is to help learn to identify and manage your ‘emotional mind’ with positive impact. The app enables you to track your progress. Please note that the app is an aid in treatment but does not replace it.

Headspace is your personal guide to health and happiness. It'll help you focus, breathe, stay calm, perform at your best, and get a better night's rest through the life-changing skills of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. ... All you have to do is download this guided meditation, mindfulness, and sleep app for free.

MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression

and low mood. We provide assessment and treatment courses, or we can help you find local services that can help.