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Fill your vacancies with Castle

If you're looking for staff, Castle's cost free recruitment can find talented, qualified and loyal candidates that are the right fit.

Our personalised service delivery model ensures more people are employed for longer. Every business is different, and so are we. We listen to you, so we can tailor our approach to your goals.

Putting the right person into the right job and providing the right support for as long as is needed, is what has allowed Castle to successfully support local businesses for almost 30 years.

Helping you grow your business

Understand Your Business Needs

Your business needs are our priority. You will have a dedicated Castle Account Manager who takes the time to get to know you and your business, how it works, the existing people on your team and what you value in an employee. We work to understand the cultural fit of your business because we know hiring someone who is the right fit for your business is important and maximises the prospect of employee retention.

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Simplify Your Recruitment

With an understanding of your business, we shortlist and present to you only candidates that meet your brief, allowing you to focus on your business. We take the stress out of your recruitment process and save you valuable time.

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Dedicated Support

When you choose to work with Castle you choose support, every step of the way. Our team of dedicated people are committed to getting the best outcomes for you and your new employee. Our Employment Support Managers help induct and training your new employee to ensure they get the best possible start in their new role. 

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Additional Services

Castle’s support goes beyond recruitment solutions. We also provide:

  • Access up to $10,000 in wage subsidies and other incentives

  • Disability Awareness Training

  • Professional Advice to help you keep existing employees whose health condition, injury or disability  is impacting their ability to do their job, through the Work Assist Program

  • Support to access and implement workplace modifications, assistive technologies and other supports

  • Help to build more diversity in your workforce

  • Assistance to build a more inclusive business for your customers

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More Castle services for employers

Useful resources to help businesses:

Understand and explore available government supports to promote inclusive employment

- Job Access is the Australian Government's one stop shop for everything Disability Employment, including the Employer Toolkit, financial support programs, and a miriad of resources for building inclusive workplaces, including Workplace Modifications.

- Safe Work Australia is the national hub for workplace health and safety legislation and support.

Promote education, awareness and inclusion in the workplace


- Castle's  Disability Awareness Guide  is your guide to understanding the diversity of disabilities so you can promote awareness and inclusion in your workplace

- Australian Network on Disability's Managers Guide helps managers and supervisors effectively support employees with disability throughout the entire employment cycle; from initial recruitment to leaving employment.

- Disability Awareness eLearning is a FREE training resource for businesses that challenges cultural and attitudinal barriers which cause discrimination.

- Access and Inclusion Self Assessment gives you a snapshot of your current inclusion and access performance against key access and inclusion criteria, and progress towards a more inclusive workplace.

- HeadsUp employer guide is a free resource for business leaders and managers for creating a mentally healthy workplaces.

Get support during COVID-19

Benefits of hiring people with disability

Employing someone with disability could be your best business decision this year


Hiring a person with disability is not an act of charity. You will gain a loyal member for your team. The benefits for businesses who employ a person with disability are wide-ranging and hugely impactful, including;

  • You get a talented, loyal and committed member of staff.

  • Employing someone with disability is the right thing to do and creates a very positive message for your business, your staff and your customers.

  • Your customers will love it. You no doubt have customers with disabilities, who are three times as likely to avoid an organisation and twice as likely to dissuade others, because of an organisation's negative diversity reputation.

  • You actively demonstrate to customers and potential staff you are an inclusive, progressive employer of choice.

  • Knowing you have positively changed someone life and are helping build a more inclusive community



Reduce your hiring costs


Castle can help you build the right team for your business at no cost!

Employers may be eligible to access government incentives and wage subsidies up to $10,000 for any eligible Castle job seeker they hire.


Support and keep your current staff who are affected by illness, injury or disability


If one of your existing staff has an injury, illness or disability which is impacting their ability to do their job, we can assess their eligibility to support them at work, or help them return to work. Our free service, Work Assist will help you keep your best employees.


Business Case for Hiring People with Dis